We have now setup a new website which will host our matchday streaming as well as content for our season ticket holders . Whilst this is primarily to cope with the current circumstances, hopefully this may lead to a new outlet for our supporters in the long term as well.

The initial aim is to register all of our season tickets and set their accounts up so they have the access required to all the relevant games coming up. the initial way of doing it was to send a unique code to each email address we had on record for the season tickets.

From starting this this evening is strikes me that it may be simpler for people to register by clicking on a subscription video and following the registration process only (NOT entering any card details), then as we see supporters register we can check that against the season ticket database and manually setup their package to simplify the process.

We can only go against the email addresses that were provided with the ST applications to verify this process, so other registrations that come through will be treated as non-season ticket holders

A link to take you to a video that is available to season ticket holders only is . If you go to sign up and fill in the details then register (if you need to log out after this at the bottom of the window is the link “more” which will lead to the log out option)

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